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Next Level Innovation

989-Solutions INNOVATION

"Whether you are implementing Oracle E-Business Tools for the first time or you are a veteran user of the Oracle E-Business Suite, 989-Solutions vision is to umbrella and elevate your business to the next level by providing a "SMART/er" and more robust way of doing business that reduces risk and ensure the success of your next Oracle project."

An association is an organization that consist of a group of  like minded- forward thinking individuals in the Dallas Fort Worth area that foster innovation, mentorship and personal development.
A Living Legacy 989

Devin- "To my two best friends. I have been up thinking all night. I'm not joking around or anything, but I just want to let you guys know that you are the reason why I am the way I am today.God shows me SO many things through you guys it's amazing. I'm realizing that you are my friends forever, and...You helped not only me, but my family through some unreal times. I just want to say, now that we are in college, we can't go out separate ways. Were bros forever and all eternity. 989 is a legacy that will be lived on through our lifetimes, and even 150 years from now because  we are who we truly are [impacting] others lives whether we see it or not. I love you two. We make friends in college, but Y'all are irreplaceable".

Our friendship-  (Ecclesiastes 4:12). | Our brotherhood-     (I Peter 2:17)
I'm not trying to sound corny by any means.